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Welcome, traveler.
Welcome to Project Blanjauro.

We are The Order. We need no name to distinguish ourselves. These are not the Backrooms you once knew, what with the UNCB, BEA, and BRU, or the alphabet soup of groups and coalitions vying in the dirt. This is the Blanjauro System, the bridge of realities, and there is only one Order.

Allow me to explain where you are. As you listen to this recording, you are no doubt wondering if you have made it - if you are home. It is my sad duty to inform you that you are not. The room around you is not your home. You have not returned to Earth; you have, however, have taken one step closer to it. The progression of levels in the Backrooms is meaningless. It meanders across the void, twisting and turning and going nowhere. The levels of Project Blanjauro are aligned toward a destination. Earth. Every level you progress through brings you closer to your home. This system is a gateway back to reality, a tunnel across the void. But the tunnel is not yet complete. The size of the Blanjauro System is finite. Limited. It reaches toward Earth but does not reach it yet. Our purpose is to complete the bridge. To open the gate.

This is not a natural system. This chain of levels stretching towards Earth did not form by chance. The Blanjauro System was created by us. By you. By everyone that has ever entered it. When you enter a level of this system, your mind "adds" to it. This facsimile of your home you stand in is no illusory front shaped to your perception, it is a new addition to the level taken from your memories. Built by your mind. Look out the window. Depending on which window you are looking out of, you may see either blank space, or another room. If it is the latter, you are looking into the home of a previous traveler, who added to this level with their memories, and whose addition still remains. Future travelers will look out their window to see your home bordering theirs in this patchwork level we have built together. The Blanjauro System is a creation of our minds. A creation that will take us home.

Level 0 was created from a very simple thought - the thought of home. Many people have found it. The level has grown large, widening the mouth of the system. As the level grows, it becomes easier and easier to access. That simple, powerful longing to return was enough to push you across the boundary into Level 0 of the Blanjauro System. Like a funnel, it has swallowed you. Progressing to the following levels will not be as easy, though. Each level is built from a type of memory. The memory forming Level 0 is of course, home. The memories forming the successive levels are not backed by such powerful emotions as the concept of home. They will be harder to enter. What's more - due to less people discovering the levels ahead, they are not as expansive as Level 0. Fewer minds will have added to them - the tunnel ahead grows narrower. Where now you can stand, soon you will have to crawl, in our passage through the void. You will not be able to pass future levels without assistance. We have prepared crossing points for you travelers following in our footsteps. Within the center of each level is just that. The runes arrayed around it weaken reality and put you in tune with the level ahead, making crossing over a possibility. With your advancement, you cut a path for future travelers. As you contribute to levels via your memories, the Blanjauro System grows larger. The system is like a tunnel through the void, reaching for Earth. As you pass through the tunnel, you dig it wider; when you reach the end, you can help us dig it further. At the forefront of the system, we brave the void to found new levels, to extend the bridge toward Earth. Toward home.

Someday, this system will reach Earth, and you will step not into a reconstructed memory of your home, but your real home, your actual life. When the Backrooms and Earth are connected, travel between the two worlds will become possible. And not just travel. Trade. The Backrooms are infinite; the corridors stretch on forever without end. The Backrooms are in your past, but in Earth's future. He who controls Project Blanjauro controls the world. And who controls Project Blanjauro? We do.

You have a choice now. You can wander on your own - surviving, exploring, and extending this system with your presence - or you can join us. Take the mark of The Order. Join our ranks and bask in the wealth that is to come. We ask only that you maintain our Order - a small price to pay for a future of infinite riches. Keep those who would seek to sabotage our great Order down where they belong; hold back the corruption of the void seeking to erode our existence. Stop up your ears against the whispers in the darkness, and fight for glory. Fight and we promise you will return home a king. Conversely, if you do not fight, we promise nothing; no fight, no protection. You are free to fend off the void on your own if you think you can. You won't even make it to Level 1 on your own. The choice, though, is ultimately yours.

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